Piano Wire Shop


Piano Wire Shop

Genuine ROSLAU Finest German Polished Piano Wire & Spring Steel

All our wire is made by Roslau, the world-leading manufacturer in polished spring steel wire. The wire has flexibility, it's brightly polished, smooth and incredibly strong. It's perfect for metalworking, metal crafts, springs, DIY projects and anything else that you will require high-tensile strength.
Hand Coiled

To provide a more hands-on service to our customers, all coil sizes between 500mm and 15 metres are hand-coiled by a member of our team when processing your order!


500g Coil Packs

We supply larger 500g coil packs of Piano Wire for many different sizes. Browse our shop to purchase. 

If you need a 500g coil pack that we don’t currently have in stock, Contact us, we’ll see if we can order one in for you.

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